First Circle Stories: Dynamic Int'l Precision Technology Inc

October 24, 2022

Noah Banagan is the president of the Dynamic Int’l Precision Technology & Tooling Inc., a precision tooling company that provides machine parts for manufacturing companies, mostly Japanese companies that are in stamping, classic injection, and “semicolon” manufacturing.

Noah shares how cash flow shortages come as no surprise in his line of business, especially since they prefer to function on an all-in basis for every project. Dynamic Int’l carries out the materials needed on site in one go, rather than dropping them off piece by piece. Payment comes once all the deliverables have been cleared. Balancing the money that comes and goes through their transactions is what they struggle with the most to keep their operations buoyant.

Wishing they found First Circle sooner, Noah expresses how the weight on his shoulders was lifted the minute they sealed their financial partnership. His dilemma of equalising the supply and revenue disappeared with the smart financing solutions provided by First Circle. Apart from that, Noah also aspires to export internationally in the future. Although it’s a big step, he’s positive that no goal is too far away with First Circle as their financial partner.

Watch his story here.

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