¹ Note
Your maximum credit limit will depend on your business size and performance. 5 business days means timely submission of documents and average verification time.

How First Circle works

Fast & Simple Financing
Get funds in 5 to 10 days¹

Apply online for a business loan in 10 minutes, in the comfort of your own home or office. New partners get money in 5 to 10 business days.¹

Fair & Transparent Terms
Keep funds as long as you need

We send you loan offers tailored to your margins. We fund up to 60-70% of your purchase order or receivable, so you can focus on running your business. Keep the funds, and only pay us back when your customer pays you.

It's that easy!
Flexible Payment Options
You're in control:
Pay early to apply again

Only pay interest for the days you need. Early payments are free with discounts for prorated interest. If you need more funds, just apply for a credit limit increase.

Common questions

Here are common questions our customers ask. For other questions, check our Help Center.
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Hands-on guidance comes with every application, with our dedicated Sales Team. Get started now and see if you qualify for a business loan.
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First Circle customer stories

Since 2016, we've supported thousands of businesses, funding loans worth ₱5+ Billion total

Let our customers tell you how First Circle has supported their businesses through our fast, fair, and flexible financing.
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Solution 1: Fund your purchase orders

We partner with you to fund your ongoing projects

Fund up to 70% of your fresh purchase orders, notices of award, notices to proceed, work orders, or job orders.
Solution 2: Get paid now for invoices

We help you cover expenses and purchase inventory

Fund up to 70% for your unpaid sales invoices, billing statements, delivery receipts, acknowledgment receipts, and SOAs.
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“First Circle is something that will really make a big difference to help SMEs in the Philippines.”
Ramon Lopez
Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)