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Work at First Circle

We're building a customer focused technology company centered around providing finance to small businesses.

We're building a customer focused technology company centered around providing finance to small businesses.


Our team is motivated by personal and professional development: playing a pivotal role in the growth of First Circle and supporting the development of small businesses throughout the region.

Sustainable capital provision enables businesses to prosper, expand, and improve the livelihoods of the SME owner and their employees — lasting impact on vertical mobility for millions of people.

We hire people like us who have strong personal values and professional ambition, and people who are not like us with new ideas, skills, and interests to add to our community.

“I'm able to connect with diverse people — from SME entrepreneur to executives of potential partners, providing me with a unique perspective of the gap in the market and how to solve it.”

Alex Capulong

Strategic Partnerships Manager

“The first thing I look for in a company is a purposeful mission and vision — this is what I found in First Circle. It’s all about making a positive impact in the lives of others, big or small.”

Tricia Cañaveral

Public Relations and Communications Analyst

"First Circle has changed the paradigm on how I see the business atmosphere in the country. As I work with more business owners, I can't help but continue to take on the challenge to pave the way for more financial inclusion in the country because I know that I am part of an organization which can do so.”

Rochelle Triguero

Key Accounts Manager



First Circle is a results-oriented meritocratic professional environment where smart and ambitious people have control over their own careers. Cultivating such an environment requires careful leadership: a combination of ambitious target setting, development of employee’s key strengths, and incentivising people for the long-term.

We Hire Exceptional Talent

We Hire Exceptional Talent

We deeply believe in hiring great people and trusting them to do great work. We look for people with exceptional track record of consistent outperformance

Our groundbreaking venture is led by a team of ex-Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Amazon and Web Summit management. We hire overachievers with the entrepreneurial spirit and the can-do attitude necessary for building a new business.

We are very selective about who we hire. We make sure that we train the smartest, most ambitious, and motivated young professionals from different parts of the world.

“First Circle's goal is to be the leading financial services provider for SMEs in SE Asia - working towards such an ambitious goal together has resulted in a challenging, rewarding and fun environment. The day to day work being an Account Manager here is far more enjoyable than anywhere else I have worked.”

Fergal Flood

Sales Team Manager

"First Circle presents a unique opportunity to grow on both a personal and professional level. This is an international, multicultural environment where we are encouraged to innovate and given vast levels of responsibility on a daily basis."

Andrew Dowd

Business Analyst

“First Circle is admirable because of its openness to challenge its employees to be at their best by exposing them to inter-departmental and team work, and to work in an environment that enables them to pursue their career trajectory.”

Daph Bajas

Account Manager



We deeply believe in hiring great people and trusting them to do great work. We know that happier employees are more productive and produce better results for the company.

Culture is one of the biggest multipliers when it comes to growing a successful, sustainable company, so we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can make it better. The type of person who works here is driven, motivated, empowered, and proud.

“First Circle has given me the opportunity to work in an international and culturally diverse environment where I work with a great team and together we deliver excellent results. The work environment helps you progress as a person and you establish to learn how to interact with different people as a whole.”

KC Manayaga

People Operations Officer

"Working in First Circle has been a colorful and challenging journey. I get to enjoy a harmonious working environment amidst cultural diversity."

Chris Sibucao

Risk and Compliance Lead

“Life at First Circle is what you would expect from an exciting combination: a startup, the Philippines, and incredible people.The startup environment gives you infinite opportunities, living in Southeast Asia is a continuous adventure, and the people you work, learn, travel, and live with make everything exceptional.”

Francesco Paltrinieri

Business Analyst

Life at First Circle

Life at First Circle

Join us in our mission

Join us in our mission

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