Learn How 6 Pinoy Entrepreneurs Dealt with Financial Challenges

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October 24, 2022

How to Deal with Business Financial Challenges: The Inspiring Journey of 6 Filipino Entrepreneurs


Every successful Filipino entrepreneur has experienced problems and challenges along their road to success, especially in the early stages of establishing their business. Of these challenges, budget management is often a key concern. As we all know, entrepreneurs need adequate working capital to keep their business on its feet.Oftentimes, early-stage entrepreneurs struggle with the perils of economic slowdowns and the inability to sign big projects with clients. These are two of the significant budget management challenges that can be recurring and painful.But did you know that even with a well-performing economy and a growing client base, a small business may still encounter a budget deficit?


An article from Chron.com defines a budget deficit as spending more money than you bring in. In that case, is this a simple case of overspending? The simple answer is no. When client orders increase, businesses would also need more funds to fulfill client orders. The increase in funding would be used to cover the salary of new employees, purchase additional inventory and raw materials, or the acquisition or lease of new equipment. To overcome these challenges, entrepreneurs need to find smart and savvy ways to secure additional funding.Otherwise, they’ll miss opportunities to grow and scale their business.


As a company that supports local businesses in their pursuit to deliver client orders successfully and provide excellent services to their customers, First Circle offers financing services to Filipino entrepreneurs struggling with working capital gaps. Over the years, the company’s purchase order and invoice financing services have helped many local entrepreneurs grow their operations and reach their full potential. From being referred by a friend just when they were about to give up on looking for business financing to finding us on Facebook while looking for working capital funding options, our clients testify that luck was definitely at their side when they first found out about First Circle. We are proud to share some of our clients’ stories about their business financing challenges and how they partnered with First Circle to overcome these challenges and build thriving companies.


Christine Siazon, Red Dot Design, Inc.



Christine Siazon is the owner of the design and fabrication company, Red Dot Design Inc. Christine shares that one of the biggest challenges of running her own business was the payment terms set by their clients from multinational companies. She took out a business loan from First Circle to overcome problems with funding. Christine has been a client for First Circle for barely a year, but she has already been able to accept more client orders by up to 20%. According to Christine, financing with First Circle was easy for her because everything was done online.


Watch her full interview here. 


Yong Peralta, Golden Smiles Merchandise

Yong Peralta is the owner of Golden Smiles Merchandise, a company geared towards providing relief kits from the donations of international NGOs. Yong shares that her company got badly hit in 2014, so much so that she was forced to seek extra funding from banks. However, our sole proprietress was not able to get financing from them. It was financing with First Circle that helped her business survive financially. Besides that, applying for financing with First Circle was quick and hassle-free.


Watch her full interview here.

Jacqueline Dupaya, St. Padre Pio Enterprises

Jacqueline Dupaya owns St. Padre Pio Enterprises, a manufacturer of corporate giveaways. According to Jacqueline, it became difficult for her to serve her growing client base because of limited funds. As more clients placed orders, she had to secure a loan to meet contractual delivery requirements. This is since payments lag significantly behind her working capital budget needed to fulfill the requirements. The decision was to meet those request through getting fast business financing, or close her doors to opportunities for growth. Jacqueline says financing from First Circle helped her deliver the needs of the clients intime.


Watch her full interview here.

Anna Tica, AMRT Enterprises

Anna Tica is the owner ofAMRT Enterprises, another corporate giveaways company. Anna shares that she needed to increase her working capital to fulfill increasing client orders. She applied for business financing with First Circle to help her cover gaps in business funding, enabling her to fulfill client deliveries.


Watch her full interview here.


Kaydee Velasco, KMV Asia Development Corporation

Our last testimonial is from Kaydee Velasco, a successful entrepreneur who narrates the story of her company, KMV Asia Development Corporation, which started out as an architectural firm, later growing into a real estate company. As with most startups, funding projects in the first three years was a big challenge for Kaydee. With the help of First Circle’s fast, fair, and flexible business financing, she was able to get sufficient financing at reasonable rates to support her business operations. Kaydee describes her experience with First Circle as fast and simple. “It’s a smart way to deal with clients”, she added.


Watch her full interview here.

Wrapping it up

Coming from our clients’ experiences, you will learn and get a perspective on what local startups face to keep their businesses thriving. Budget management is a common issue that affects businesses of different sizes and industries. All businesses require sufficient cash flow to perform their business operations smoothly and enable company growth when the right opportunities come knocking.


To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need a mindset that is geared towards effective and sustainable growth. Do not hesitate to find ways to acquire additional working capital if this is what will keep your business growing and relevant. But be careful of making rash and impractical decisions which may put you in a tight spot eventually.


While some businesses prefer bank loans, the reality is that traditional loans are not for everyone.Banks have heavy documentation requirements and take much longer to process—waiting on these could do more harm than good. Develop good cash flow management habits and stay abreast of how FinTech companies can help your business grow and scale.

At First Circle, we advise our clients to remain financially prudent. Make smart and informed financial decisions to grow your company. Apply for business financing with First Circle by clicking here.

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