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Last updated on Feb. 11, 2020

This page contains the standard terms and conditions (the “Terms”) covering your permissible use of, interaction with, access to, and activity on this website (the “Website”). These Terms constitute a legally binding and enforceable agreement between you and First Circle, which shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

The words “you” and “your” in this page refers to any person accessing this Website, while the words “we”, “our”, and “us” refers to First Circle Growth Finance Corp., its parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively, “First Circle”) along with its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, consultants, and advisors (collectively, “Related Parties”).

  1. SCOPE

As used herein, "Website" includes all webpages found on this Website and any equivalent, mirror, replacement, substitute or backup webpages and websites that are wholly owned and maintained by First Circle.

We may modify these Terms without prior notice to you. You must carefully review these Terms (and any updates from time to time) before proceeding to access other pages on our Website. Your continued use of this Website signifies your unconditional acceptance of and commitment to abide by the Terms. Unless otherwise provided, changes to these Terms are effective immediately beginning on the posting date above.

Nothing on this Website constitutes a binding financing offer from First Circle.


Products, services, advertisements, affiliate links, promos, and websites owned or maintained by third parties (collectively, “Third-Party Content”), although appearing in or accessible on our Website, are not covered by these Terms. First Circle disclaims any liability to you or any other party in connection with your use of, interaction with, or access to such Third-Party Content. You are fully responsible for understanding your rights, liabilities, obligations, and remedies in relation to such Third-Party Content.

First Circle may use applications for website analytics and to enhance user experience.

You may interact with a First Circle representative through the chat function on the Website. To serve you better, we may need you to provide more specific details about a query or concern, including possibly some personal information.


When you:

  1. Apply for a financing product through our online lending platform, (the “Platform”)
  2. Seek to enter into an employment, partnership, investment, agency or consultancy relationship with us,
  3. Apply to be an accredited First Circle sales agent,
  4. Refer new customers to us on a voluntary basis, or
  5. Otherwise enter into any other binding agreement with us outside the scope of these Terms (collectively, “Other Engagements”),

you will be invited to review and execute a separate agreement that will govern your relationship with First Circle under such Other Engagements.

You may be required to provide personal information, business information and/or to sign up for a First Circle account (the “Account”) as a preliminary step to these Other Engagements.


The username and password specific to your Account allows you to access our Platform. To know more about your First Circle Account, read our First Circle Account Terms and Conditions here.

First Circle reserves the right, without notice or liability to you or any other party, to suspend, block, deactivate, or terminate your access to the Website and/or your Account if there is any suspicious or unauthorised activity in connection with or made through your Account.

We may also block your ISP due to malicious or suspicious activities that may affect the Website or Platform.


Except for Third-Party Content, this Website and all its content, such as but not limited to the software, design, text, images, photographs, illustrations, audio and video material, artwork, graphics, proprietary information, trademarks, trade name, and all copyrightable or otherwise legally protectible elements of the Website (collectively, “Protected Materials”), are owned by or properly licensed to First Circle. First Circle holds and retains the exclusive rights to use, publish, modify, sub-license, and be credited as the author or authorised licensee of such Protected Materials.

You may reference the Protected Materials as appearing on this Website (with proper attribution) for your lawful, non-commercial, personal use only. Any republication, alteration, redistribution, sale or reproduction of any Protected Material shall be subject to the prior written consent of First Circle and/or the appropriate third party.


This Website is made available on an "as-is" basis, without any representation or warranty of any kind from First Circle as to the completeness, fitness, accuracy, validity, or usefulness of any information provided herein. You are solely responsible for discerning if, and which among, First Circle’s financial products are suitable for your needs.

First Circle exerts best efforts to ensure the continuous availability and functionality of this Website. However, we may discontinue access for any length of time and without prior notice in order to conduct site maintenance, upgrades, investigations, or for other just reasons.


You shall indemnify, defend, hold First Circle and its Related Parties free and harmless from and against any liability, proceeding, inquiry, loss, risk, cost, tax, charge, penalty or damages that may arise out of or in connection with the implementation of the foregoing Terms or your use of and reliance on the Website and its features, functions, and content.

Please contact us at for any questions or concerns regarding these Terms.

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