How to get a Credit Line

Revolving Credit Line

We've designed our best financing product yet. Drawdown anytime within a 6-month period, with no repeat application or approval required.

Need access to additional funds?

Never miss a business opportunity again or lose out because of delayed collections. First Circle’s Revolving Credit line can give flexible, ongoing access to funds to help cover unexpected cash flow gaps, and help grow your business.
Use and re-use your credit line as often as you like.
Renew every 6-month term
Get unlimited free drawdowns with subscription
Access credit between ₱250,000 and ₱5,000,000
Only pay interest on the funds you use
Get support from a dedicated account manager
Apply for Revolving Credit Line
  • Easy Access to Your Additional Funds
    Get financing  up to ₱5M credit for up to 6 months depending on your business revenue.
  • Flexible Rates
    Rates are as low as 1.39% per month and are subject to your company’s financial assessment
  • Fast Processing Time
    The entire application process only takes a few days after your submit complete requirements.
  • Dedicated Support
    Talk to one of our business lending specialist for hands on guidance on how to make the most of First Circle's financing.
  • Loan Duration
    Get financing for up to 6 months
  • Monthly Interest Rate
    Ranges from 1.39% to 3.49% per month. Interest rates may vary depending on your business profile, selected loan amount, term length, payment frequency, or the buyers you transact with.
  • Flexible Convenience Fee
    Choose between a processing fee (1.99% of the principal amount) or a subscription fee for unlimited free drawdown.

Need access to additional funds?

Our rates are tailored to your company's profile and business needs. You are assured that all best effort is put into making the convenience fees and interest rates accurate, fair, and reasonable.

Your financing application goes through a rigorous yet efficient decision-making process, and you are regularly updated about its progress.
Apply for Revolving Credit Line

How to get a Revolving Credit Line

Apply online and speak with an Account Manager

One of our Account Managers will get in touch to understand what your business needs are, and give tailored solutions to help your business grow.

Submit personal, business, and transaction documents

Send your documents in however way you want: email, Viber, or Facebook Messenger; and we’ll give you a revolving credit line decision with 5-7 business days.

It's that easy!
Start using your new revolving credit line and scale your business!

Once you’ve received your revolving credit line: simply choose your own loan terms and get access to your funds right away!

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