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How to apply for a business loan

Only a handful of steps that are all online with minimal paperwork.

Get a business loan in 3 easy steps

Apply online and submit business documents to your Account Manager

Send your personal and business information in however way you want: through email, Viber, or Facebook Messenger.

Submit unpaid invoices you've issued or unfulfilled P.O.s you've received

Send or upload clear copies of your signed, unpaid invoices or unfulfilled P.O.s, and we will give you a loan decision within 5-7 business days.

It's that easy!
Your business is financed!

Once you've received our loan offer, you can let us know your payment preferences. Accept to get funds right away!

Step 1

Apply online and submit business documents to your Account Manager

Start by seeing if your business is eligible by clicking the button below to apply online. After you are called by an Account Manager, you will submit the documents listed on the right to your Account Manager via email, Viber, or Facebook Messenger.

You can view this full checklist with guidelines on what to submit. Once all documents have been submitted, we will then process these within 2 to 3 business days to tell you the maximum amount you can loan from us.
Apply for Business Loan
  • Personal information
    1 Valid Government ID of the Business Owner or a Board Member, from the following list: Passport, Driver's License, TIN ID, PRC ID, Postal ID, Unified Multi-Purpose ID
  • General Information Sheet for Corporations, Articles of Partnership for Partnerships, and Secretary's Certificate for both Partnerships and Corporations
    BIR Certificate of Registration: Form 2303
    Business information
    Proof of Billing Address: Mayor's Permit, Lease Contract, Utility Bills (such as Meralco, Water Bills, etc.)
    DTI or SEC Certificate: DTI Certificate for Sole Proprietors, SEC Certificate for Corporations or Partnerships
  • Information on your top 3 buyers
    To help us understand your trading partners and provide you with the most accurate level of financing, we need to know more about your top 3 customers. You will fill out this template to provide necessary information.
  • Bank statements and audited financial statements
    We also need photos or PDFs of your 1) bank statements for the last 3-6 months (the more months the better) and 2) audited financial statements for the last two years OR your business's income tax return.
  • Amortizing Loan
    Manage your cash flow by getting paid 60-70% of all your unpaid invoices, unfulfilled P.O.s, or active contracts, for an amortizing loan of up to 6 months. Then pay back weekly, every 2 weeks, or every month.
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  • Invoice Financing
    Get paid ahead 70% of the amount of your unpaid invoices (or similar documents) from your buyers. Acceptable documents you can have us finance are Sales or Charge Invoices, Billing Statements, Delivery or Billing Receipts, Statements of Account, and Portal Screenshots.
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  • Purchase Order Financing
    Fulfill more orders by getting 60% of the amount of undelivered P.O.s (or similar documents) you received. Acceptable documents are Purchase Orders, Work or Job Orders, Notices to Proceed, and Notices of Award.
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Step 2

Submit unpaid invoices you've issued or unfulfilled P.O.s you've received

After you submit your business documents, you can submit photos of unpaid invoices you issued or unfulfilled P.O.s you received. View our document checklist to see guidelines on what we accept.

Once you submit clear photos of these documents, First Circle will verify them and give you a loan decision within 5-7 business days. No minimum transaction amount is required to avail of business financing.
Apply for Business Loan
Step 3

Your business is financed!

Once you accept our loan offer, and if you are in a serviceable area, we will schedule a courier to go to you to personally collect your post-dated cheques (PDCs). Our serviceable areas are Metro Manila and some areas of Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan, and Laguna.

We will use these to collect your repayment on the agreed upon due dates. For customers outside of these areas, you will have to deliver the cheque to us at your expense.
Apply for Business Loan
  • Funds straight into your bank account

    Approved funds will be transferred directly to your bank account. Funds will be transferred once we have collected cheques and will reflect within 1-2 banking days.

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