We currently disburse to the following list of banks.

Bank of Commerce
Land Bank
East West Bank
Security Bank
Maybank Phils. Inc.
PS - Philippine Savings Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
China Bank
Citibank, N.A.
Security Bank Savings
China Bank Savings
Sterling Bank
Wealth Bank
United Coconut Planters Bank
Union Bank of the Philippines
Philippine National Bank
Asia United Bank
RCBC Savings Bank
Robinsons Bank
Allied Bank

Process & Requirements

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Get business financing in 3 easy steps.

Enter your personal and business information.
Submit an Invoice or Purchase Order.
Your business is financed!
Step 1

Enter your personal and business information.

Start by registering an online profile for you and your business. This makes applying for financing from First Circle simple and efficient. This also allows us to verify your personal and business identity in order to get your loan application approved.
Business info requirements

Proof of Billing Address

Mayor's Permit, Lease Contract, Utility Bills (such as Meralco, Water Bills, etc.)

Only utility bills dated within the last two (2) months can be accepted.
Your declared address and other information should match with other Business Documents.

DTI or SEC Certificate

DTI Certificate for Sole Proprietors

Watermark should be clearly visible.
Certification should be in the last 5 years.

SEC Certificate for Corporations

Dry seal should be clearly visible.
For Partnerships, please submit your updated Article of Partnership together with your SEC Certificate.
Your declared address and other information should match with other Business Documents.

BIR Certificate of Registration

Form 2303

Your declared address and other information should match with other Business Documents.

General Information Sheet

For corporations only.
Submit copies of all pages of your most recently filed General Information Sheet for verification purposes.
Please ensure that the document has a stamp from the SEC.

1 Valid Government ID of the Business Owner or a Board Member, from the following list:

Passport, Driver's License, TIN ID, PRC ID, Postal ID, Unified Multi-Purpose ID

Must be the ID of the Business Owner or a Board Member
Must have the person’s signature on the ID.
Must still be valid
The ID must be colored and not black & white
Scanned ID’s are accepted
Step 2

Submit an Invoice or Purchase Order.

We can finance multiple orders and receivables, whichever suits your business needs. Once you snap and submit a clear photo of these documents, First Circle will verify the document and then create a loan offer within 48 hours. No minimum transaction amount is required to avail of business financing.

The document issued by the seller to the buyer after delivery of goods or services.

Invoice Financing Acceptable Alternatives:

Billing Statements
Delivery Receipts

The document issued by a buyer to a seller before delivery of goods or services.

Purchase Order Acceptable Alternatives:

Notice to Proceed
Contract Agreement
Notice of Award
Step 3

Your business is financed!

After submitting necessary business documents and other requirements, we will send you an offer as soon as the application is processed. Your loan size and corresponding rates will depend on the risk, loan duration, and tenure of your business with First Circle.

Once you accept our loan offer, and if you are in a serviceable area, we will schedule a courier to go to you to personally collect your post dated cheques (PDCs). Our serviceable areas are Metro Manila and some areas of Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna.

We will use these to collect your repayment on the agreed upon due dates. For customers outside of these areas, you will have to deliver the cheque to us at your expense.

Funds straight into your bank account

Approved funds will be transferred directly to your bank account. Fund transfer usually occurs within 48 hours after we collect your cheques.

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