First Circle Stories: RCY Printing Services

June 10, 2020

Elaine Bautista, Co-proprietor and Operations Manager of RCY Printing Services, recounts how First Circle’s presence has aided her company, especially during times when funds were tight. Rendering printing services for private companies and government agencies, RCY had to ensure that their projects would get done, and finish on time. However, completing projects didn’t guarantee immediate payment, requiring Elaine to juggle having to complete projects, reviewing incoming requests, and rejecting jobs that she knew the company could not take on due to small revolving funds.

This was a recurring problem RCY faced, until Elaine encountered First Circle. Compared to banks that asked for countless requirements and had unsure timeframes just to wait for the loan approval decision, for Elaine, First Circle’s Invoice Financing process was as easy as 1-2-3: submit requirements, get approved, and receive funds, all in a matter of days.

Watch Elaine’s story here, and see how First Circle brought a hassle-free and reliable Invoice Financing resource to RCY Printing Services.

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