Earn P30k-P325k* per client  as a First Circle Agent

If you have regular contact with B2B companies that may be interested in financing their purchase orders or invoices, we invite you to apply today!
B2B companies are those that sell to other companies or the government.
* Based on actual customer data, and latest commission structure. Subject to terms and conditions

Why should I become an accredited First Circle Agent?
Recurring commissions and networking opportunities

Grow with your clients.
Earn recurring commissions and bonuses for every milestone your client achieves.
Grow your network and sharpen your business skills through regular sponsored events.
Get support from dedicated Relationship Managers.
Is there a cap to how much I can earn? There's none. As long as you keep helping clients and they keep achieving our financing milestones within the set timeframe, you can keep earning commissions too.
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Get P10,000 per successful referral.
Know anyone who needs business financing?
Refer them to us and get rewarded.
First Circle has built a powerful digital platform for obtaining business financing - so powerful in fact, that's it's challenging for potential customers to believe that such a solution exists!

Agents are therefore trained and equipped to bridge that gap of disbelief by introducing First Circle's products to their network of B2B companies, and helping them submit their application through our platform.
Grow with your clients.
Help them manage their working capital.
Convert their pending invoices or receivables to instant cash for a minimal fee
Contribute to scaling your clients' operations through financing.

What do First Circle Agents do?
Help clients obtain financing from First Circle.

How do I get accredited?
To refer, just follow these three steps:

Fill out the form.
Please bring a calculator and 2 government IDs and 2 proofs of billing from different issuers. In order to save time, you may submit them online through bit.ly/first-circle-agent anytime prior to your training.
Pass the digital exam and oral exam
The training is immediately followed by exams. Since this is administered digitally, please bring a laptop if you are uncomfortable with your phone.
Sign the contract online
Upon passing the exams, we will send you the contract online for your electronic signature.

What if I'm not ready to become an agent?
That's okay, you can still refer a business!

We understand that the First Circle Agent Program (FCAP) is not for everyone. If you have potential clients you would like to refer but don't have the time or resources to help them with their application, you may still refer them to us and get P10,000 for each successful referral. For more information, click the button below.
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