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Discover why First Circle is a leading provider of business loans among SME owners in the Philippines.

Short-term business loans: your competitive advantage

First Circle specialises in short-term business loans that are designed for small and medium enterprises who are in need of funding to address temporary capital gaps.

Short-term business loans is a type of financing in which the principal plus interest is repaid within a year or less; hence the name short-term business loans. This is used mainly to finance operating expenses or working capital requirements in growing businesses.

Now you can serve more customers, take on larger orders, and extend credit to clients to do more business, turning short-term funding into your competitive advantage.
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  • Fewer requirements: Less documents will be required, making short-term funding easy to qualify for.
    What are the advantages of short term business loans?
    Faster application: The application process for short-term loans is less time consuming.
    Quick Access to capital: Your business has cash flow problems due to slow-paying customers or you need to pay suppliers cash up front

  • You need cash fast: If you need funding as soon as possible, this is the most efficient means to get financing versus applying for a longer-term loan.
    What are the advantages of short term business loans?
    Your customers pay late: Your business has cash flow problems due to slow-paying customers or you need to pay suppliers cash up front.
    Your need is temporary: If you need the loan to fund a business expense that won’t last past a year, then short-term credit is the best option for you.
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* This processing time assumes timely submission of required information and documents by the customer as well as an average document verification timeline.
Why Finance with First Circle?

Because you wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve all been there before. Long lines at the bank or loan sharks with cut-throat interest rates. No one wants to be in this situation anymore.

First Circle’s financing services are made especially for business owners who receive purchase orders and issue invoices. These are small and medium enterprises who encounter increased demand in the form of large orders, the need to pay suppliers in cash, or extend credit to customers.          

All these scenarios cause cash flow gaps that may limit the potential for growth of your business. First Circle is here to help business owners get access to quick funding when they find themselves in such situations.
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