How to get a Business Loan

Purchase Order Financing

Get access to more capital to take on larger orders and meet increased client demands.

Clients' orders too large to fulfill?

Never miss a business opportunity again. With First Circle's Purchase Order Financing, your business can start taking on larger orders to meet increased client demand.

Purchase Order 101

A purchase order (PO) is a document issued by buyers to suppliers when they request to purchase a specific type of good or service to be delivered after a specified timeline.

Sometimes, a business receives an unexpected amount of purchase orders that it cannot fulfill because it requires more capital than is available. This creates a number of issues for a business that can be solved with financing. With Purchase Order Financing, you will get access to the capital you need to meet increased demand and keep your business growing.

First Circle also finances documents similar to purchase orders, including any Notice to Proceed, Contract Agreement, and Notice of Award.
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  • Fulfill larger orders
    Take your business to the next level by getting an extra capital boost.
  • Serve more clients
    Say yes to more clients with the capital to meet their demands.
  • Get accessible funding
    Have the working capital to grow your business when you need it.
  • Borrow without collateral
    Get funding without surrendering your valuable assets as collateral.
Sample Purchase Order
How it works

Getting your Purchase Orders financed has never been this convenient. Upload your documents now.

Your purchase orders will then be reviewed and verified within 48 hours. You can expect the funds to be credited to your account within 5 business days. This processing time assumes timely submission of required information and documents by the customer as well as an average document verification timeline.
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Process & Requirements
“First Circle is something that will really make a big difference to help SMEs in the Philippines.”
Ramon Lopez
Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)