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Amortizing Loan

Manage your cash flow better with a short-term amortizing loan for all of your receivables or unfulfilled orders

Smooth out your cash flows with an amortizing loan

First Circle offers short-term amortizing loans for 1-6 months, and you can choose to pay monthly, every 2 weeks, or weekly.

If you have unfulfilled orders or unpaid invoices you issued, you can get one amortizing loan worth 60-70% of their total amount. You can then choose a term length of up to 6 months and your desired payment frequency.
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  • Maintain a steady, reliable cash flow
    Instead of repaying your loan all at once, our amortizing loans allow you to repay in small payments over time.
  • Pay in monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly installments
    You can choose to pay us monthly, every 2 weeks, or every week. The more frequently you pay, the lower the interest rate.
  • Rates of 1.44%-4.04% per month
    We have one of the cheapest rates among non-bank financial institutions.
  • Get interest rebate for paying early
    Early payments are free with discounts for prorated interest. You’ll only pay interest for the days you need.

Amortizing Loan

Managing your cash flow
Best for
One big loan plan for all the invoices or P.O.s you submit
Pay monthly, every 2 weeks or weekly
Payment frequency
1 - 6 months
Loan duration
1.44% - 4.04% / mo.
Interest rate*

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