First Circle Stories: Papers and Pigments

June 10, 2020

From a simple home-based business to a full-blown factory. Elen Espiritu is an employee of Papers and Pigments that was birthed in 2004. A paper printing service that now supplies big-name companies like BDO, S&R, and Max’s Restaurant, among others, with customised paper products.

Elen shares that as their market grew exponentially, so did their monetary needs. A huge chunk of their expenses comes from shipping fees because of the fact that their paper supply is outsourced. Juggle that with client orders and the monthly payroll, their finances jumped from one outlet to another, keeping them from having a consistent source of capital. In spite of their situation, they were eager to protect their clients and employees from being affected by their financial issues.

If it weren’t for First Circle, Paper and Pigments wouldn’t be able to prioritise both their business and the people behind all the work. Elen expresses her gratitude to First Circle as a financial partner for giving their business the opportunity to expand with no holds barred, creating a win-win solution within external and internal operations. From this point onwards, they won’t hesitate to take bigger opportunities because they know they can shoulder the venture with First Circle by their side.

Watch their story here:

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