First Circle Stories: JPT Pro-Earth Services Inc.

June 10, 2020

Josephine P. Talorong has many years of experience in the hazardous waste management industry. In 2009, motivated to provide a local and ethical waste management service, she launched JPT Pro-Earth Services Inc. (JPT) to serve the entire Philippines.

JPT has since earned international accreditation from the United Nations in recognition of its environment-friendly services. Josephine ensures that her company remains service-centred, and its contracts practice a give-before-take routine. Materials, labour, and services first - then payment collection afterwards.

Collecting payment after providing services, however, created financial difficulties. JPT’s financial partnership with First Circle helped Josephine address these challenges. Project execution would not be as smooth and efficient as it is today if it weren’t for the leeway provided by having First Circle as a financial partner. Josephine intends to focus on the cultivation of her business, and with that growth also comes her plans to continue partnering with First Circle for many more years to come. Watch her story here.

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