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First Circle Stories: JEC Megaventures Inc.

Posted on
February 25, 2020 12:12 PM

JEC Megaventures supplies parts for machines that produce glassware. Starting as an employee in the early 2000s, Danny Colanta rose up the ranks and is now the president of the corporation.

Having started out with the field all to himself, Danny failed to foresee exactly how much competition he’d have as the industry he specialised in grew bigger. Despite his reluctance, he had to adjust prices in order to surpass his competitors, and in the same breath, invest more capital to refurbish their in-house operations. This sudden change of pace left him unprepared for the next steps the corporation needed to make for them to stay on top.

When he learned of First Circle’s partnership, he realised that getting back on his feet wouldn’t be as hard as he thought. Danny was more than satisfied with the financial support given by First Circle because it gave his company a much needed reboot, similar to a car having its oil changed. It ran unnotched, competition ceased to intimidate them, and it was in First Circle’s presence as a partner that gave Danny the assurance to advance his business.

Watch his story here:

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