First Circle Stories: A.T. Nido Enterprises

June 10, 2020

A.T. Nido Enterprises was started by a hopeful father in 2002 with the goal of supplying sand to construction companies. In 2013, Anthony Troy Nido took over and now handles the enterprise on his own.

Initially, A.T. Nido Enterprises operated regionally, then expanded to serve all of Luzon, and eventually grew to serve Vista Land, their biggest customer. Throughout this growth, Troy learned what many others have before him - growing your business requires cash. Even with profitable operations, the dream to expand his operations and service a growing number of clients conflicted with his top priority of having a steady budget for projects.

Troy heaved a huge sigh of relief upon discovering First Circle’s innovative and flexible financing solutions, allowing him to expand his business on his own terms. After experiencing the reliability and ease of partnering with First Circle, he no longer worries about fulfilling larger orders and scaling his business. Today, his financial worries have been replaced with confidence and a greater sense of security having a financial partnership with First Circle.

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