First Circle Stories: DBTIC 19:13 Co.

June 10, 2020

DBTIC 19:13 Co. was set up in 2012 by James Navarro's mother, supplying fruits and vegetables to commissaries.

The fluctuation of sales in the fresh produce market stems from its peak and off seasons. For James, the monsoon season is a particularly risky time for their business. Prices hike up while consumer demand goes down, creating an imbalance of supply and income on their end. The wave of orders they normally receive declines at this time of the year, making it difficult for them to stock up on produce since there’s no capital to scour from.

James and his mother found the right kind of help when they stumbled upon First Circle. Owing  to the swift and dependable financial partnership between DBTIC 19:13 Co. and First Circle, they’ve grown to be resilient against the production risk the agricultural sector faces. As they climb their way to become a leading supplier of commodities, James trusts that their financial partnership with First Circle will support them every step of the way.

Watch his story here:

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